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Clinchers, Tubeless, Cleats... Hats?



We are always looking for ways to improve our rides.  Performance Tires can make a huge difference at a relatively low price.   This makes them great value when it comes to performance upgrades.  Here are key differences on Tubeless vs Clinchers.



If you are a fan of expensive super cars you know that Pirelli makes some of the best rubber out there.  They have decided to come back into the Bicycle market with their New Pirelli P Zero Velo tires.  The P Zero Velo comes in three models:

  • P Zero Velo – The All Around tire.  Light at 210gr and fast.  Sizes: 23C, 25C and 28C
  • P Zero Velo TT – The Ultrahigh performance tire.  Incredibly light at 165gr with the lowest rolling resistance. Sizes: 23C
  • P Zero Velo 4S – The All-season tire with great puncture resistance.  Sizes: 23C, 25C, 28C


Clipless shoes and pedals can really improve your riding. It increases efficiency and helps you put down more power. However, a worn-out cleat could be dangerous and even slow you down. You should make sure that you are replacing your cleats periodically. Check for signs of wear, especially if you walk on them frequently.

  • Risk of Falling– If the grips on the cleats are worn out it can cause the cleats to be slippery which may cause a fall.
  • Undesired Float - Worn out cleats can decrease or increase your float which can alter the efficiency of your pedal stroke and lead to poor fit possibly causing an injury.   It can also lead to the cleats getting stuck and you won’t be able to unclip.
  • Accidental Unclip - A worn out engagement tab (lip in the rear of the cleat) can lead to the cleat not hooking up to the pedals properly.  This can cause an accident if you are pedaling under power and the shoe disengages.
  • Inability to clip in - A worn-out cleat can also make it much harder to clip into the pedal, making it dangerous in certain circumstances like when riding around vehicular traffic or the start of a race.

Cleat placement is just as important as the condition it’s in.  Come see our fitting experts and make sure you are getting the most out of your cleats and pedals.


Roswell Bicycles turned 30 this year.  To celebrate we have issued a first edition run of 100 Snapback Hats made by Weevil Outdoors.  The hats are top quality and the design is timeless :)  Come and get yours!

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