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Riding Around Atlanta Part 4

* This route is for experienced riders.  There are several short stretches with traffic.

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Riding Around Atlanta

Atlanta has grown substantially over the past decades.  Areas that used to be green landscapes and farms are now urban/suburban centers full of restaurants, shopping malls and houses.  Fortunately for us there are several multimodal transportation advocacy groups, like Bike Roswell! and Bike Alpharetta, that encourage these developing areas to incorporate infrastructure for alternate modes of transportation, in this case bicycles.  North Atlanta is made up of several cities like Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta and Woodstock.  Major highways as well as beautiful back roads closely tie these cities.

On this episode of Riding Around Atlanta we will be discussing a route from Roswell to Woodstock, a few miles West of Downtown Roswell.  Be mindful that our recommendations, while not free of traffic, are practical and relatively safe without making the trip excessively long and complicated.
This Route starts at the heart of GA’s first Cycling Friendly Community (thank you Bike Roswell!) Roswell.  It is approximately 17 miles long and has around 950 feet of climbing with a net loss of 110ft; slightly downhill on the way there.  It should take about an hour and a half of total time at an average speed of 12-13mph.   Roads like Arnold Mill and Hwy 92 are not ideal places to ride your bicycle in, however, sometimes connectivity is an issue and these roads are the only way to get there.  While you may be riding on one of those roads during your travel you will not be riding on either one for more than what is  practically needed.

This route contains 2 sections that we deem have high traffic and at least two major climbs that can prove to be difficult for some.  Keep reading to find out where those are.

Leg 1 - Roswell to Mountain Park

Starting from Downtown Roswell, on Canton St. (from your favorite coffee shop or restaurant) head north until getting to the intersection with Woodstock Rd.  Once there, take a left and ride through one of the roads in Roswell with some of the best bike shoulders.  Once you reach Jones Rd. make a left and ride up and down some small rollers until you get to stop sign at Bowen Rd.

Bowen Rd. is a slight uphill until you reach the Hwy 92 stoplight.  Once across Hwy 92 you will pass the Giovanni’s Tile Design showroom to your right, famous for their Bicycle Racing team .  Keep going down a long sweeping downhill towards Mountain Park.  Once at the bottom it is time to climb some more!  This will get you past Brookfield Country Club and up to the entrance of Mountain Park where there is a three way stop sign.

Leg 2 - Mountain Park into Cherokee County

This is probably the most beautiful part of the ride. Mountain Park is a small city between Roswell and Woodstock that seems to have gotten stuck in time as a vacation resort. Beautiful and unique houses surround a small lake that gives it a great vibe of peace and relaxation.  Feels like you are riding somewhere else, not in the Atlanta suburbs.

Go down Mountain Park Rd via a steep descent.  This one has two speed bumps and can get your speed up quickly so be careful.  At the end of the descent you will encounter a stop sign.  Make a right at the stop sign and keep rolling until you get to another three way stop sign where you will see Garrett Lake.  There is a bridge ahead, which is Russell Rd., and a left turn that continues onto Mountain Park Rd.  Make a left turn.  Here you will ride on what is quite possibly the hardest climb on the ride.

Once you climb out of the “stair steps style” hill you will get to the end of the road where there is a stop sign.  Make a right turn onto Wiley Bridge Rd.  Roll up and down Wiley Bridge Rd. and go past Cox Rd. where you will run into another stop sign.  Take a left turn into West Willey Bridge Rd. This road is very pretty and has a nice climb out although not quite as difficult as the one on Mountain Park.  Once you climb out of West Wiley Bridge you will come to an intersection with Hwy 92.  You are basically zigzagging around Hwy 92 to avoid it.

Leg 3 - Woodlands to Woodstock

At the intersection of W. Wiley Bridge and Hwy 92 make a right onto Hwy 92 and ride on the shoulder lane or sidewalk (whichever you are more comfortable on) for about 0.6 miles.  Get to the next stoplight and make a right turn into the Woodlands subdivision.  This Subdivision has a very nice bike lane and takes you through the neighborhood, which has a nice Club House and park. 

Continue on Woodlands Pkwy (take first exit at the round about) until you reach Celandine Place.  Take a left onto Celandine Pl. then take a left onto Persimmon Trail.  This short road will intersect with Ragsdale Rd.  Take a right onto Ragsdale Rd. and then an immediate right onto Trickum Rd.  This road will take you along the Little River Elementary School all the way to Arnold Mill Rd. where you will make a left turn. 

Once you make a left turn keep riding on Arnold Mill Rd. for about 3.3 miles on some rolling hills.  This part of the route is arguably the most congested with vehicular traffic so be careful and choose a bright and sunny day, if possible a weekend day in the morning.

Voila! You have reached Downtown Woodstock.  Now lets see what Downtown Woodstock has to offer

•    Olde Rope Mill Park
•    Little River Trail
•    Reformation Brewery
•    Taste of Italy Pizzeria
•    Canyon’s Burger
•    El Don Taco Truck
•    Salt Factory (like the one in Roswell!)

Roswell Bicycles Inc. or any entity related to Roswell Bicycles Inc. is not liable for any damages that may arise out of the use of public roads posted in this article.  This post is meant to be informative and by no means makes Roswell Bicycles responsible.



23mm tires vs 25mm tires

Lately there has been a great deal of discussion on which tires are better, 23mm or 25mm.  Some people argue that the 23mm are faster and others the 25mm.   Here is a summary of the pros and cons of each tire.  This might help you choose between tires next time you are due for new ones.


In the past few years the 23mm tire has become a tool mostly used by Elite Time Trialists.  Its low weight and ability to be ran at very high pressures seem to be an advantage for those seeking the ultimate performance over a short period of time. 

On average, a set of 23mm tires will save you 40 grams over a set of 25mm tires.  While this may seem like a good amount of weight, is it worth sacrificing other benefits to save 1/10th of a pound?  Some sprinters and professional climbers might argue that those 40 grams make a difference during that explosive effort, however, for most of us the difference is negligible. 


The 25mm tire wins all day on this one.  Ran at the same tire pressure the 25mm provides more cushion to your ride helping you ride longer without discomfort.  This usually translates into a more efficient and faster ride.  A tire that beats you up over the course of several hours is more likely to affect your performance than a slight weight penalty.

Rolling Resistance

While the 23mm tire has a narrower contact patch, compared to the 25mm it has a longer contact patch.  The wider but shorter contact patch on the 25mm tire produces less resistance.  It also helps in the traction department, when the width of the tire is key.  Look at the illustration from Continental on their tires below:


In this area the benefit is relative to the size of the rim you are riding.   While the current trend on rims is to go wider, there are still those out there running thin 19mm< aluminum rims.  If you were to run a 25mm on a 19mm rim, the tire would bulge creating more aero drag than necessary.  In this case, running a 23mm tire would be more beneficial.  When using a wider (most newer rims are) rim of 21mm or more, the tire sidewalls will sit flush on the rim making it more aerodynamic and adding to the overall benefit of the 25mm tire.


While 25mm tires seem to outperform the 23mm tire in almost every area there is still a place for 23mm tires.  More at home during Time Trials or for those doing very short intense efforts where weight savings might be a priority over comfort, rolling resistance and traction.
For most of us however, the 25mm simply delivers more benefits.  It is more comfortable, it has lower rolling resistance and better traction compared to the same tire in 23mm.

Come talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff.  They will help you determine what size tire is right for you as well as explaining different clincher, tubeless and tubular options.  Take your riding to the next level!


Specialized saddles, which one is right for you?

Specialized Saddles, what kind of saddle is right for you?

Riding a bike is one of the most fun and entertaining ways to exercise.  There are several factors that contribute to the enjoyment of a ride.  Performance, efficiency and comfort.  We will focus on comfort this time around, specifically on saddles.

When it comes to having a comfortable ride contact points are key.  Contact points include handlebar / grips, pedals, and saddle.  There are several saddles for different purposes and types of riders.  Mind that saddles are a very personal thing and by no means there is a one size fits all type of saddle.

There are several ways to determine a saddle that might be a good fit.  Here we will talk about Specialized saddles and give you some pointers to help you determine which one might be right for you.


Come see our selection in store and get fitted to a Specialized saddle.  With 30 days exchange policy you have nothing to lose!

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