Hitch Racks

Got a hitch on your vehicle? If you do then a hitch rack is the way to go. Easy to install, secure and they protect your bike and your vehicle at the same time. With a hitch rack you can choose from tray racks, swing racks or tilt racks. It all depends on what best fits your needs.

If you’re thinking about a tray rack then follow our lead and check out the Yakima Holdup. Its StrongArm design secures your bike at the wheels protecting the frame from damage. And it doesn’t matter wheter you have a 20″ bike or a 29er. The Holdup fits a multitude of sizes quickly and easily. One feature we really like is he abillity to tilt the rack down, this gives you easy access to the rear of your vehicle. And when not in use, all it takes is a second to fold it up.

Roof Racks

Roof racks come in two different flavors: Wheel-On bike mounts and Fork-Mounted bike mounts. Wheel-On mounts give you a lot of flexibility and if you have a thru-axle front wheel then this may be your best option. A fork mounted rack is for those of you who don’t want anything to touch your frame. Both are great options, easy to use and ready to get you to the trailhead or your next race in no time.

Secure, sleek, and simple to use, the HighRoad is Yakima’s newest premium upright bike mount. The adjustment-free hoop, with its TorqueRight™ tightening knob, loads a variety of bikes quickly and easily. The HighRoad secures the bike by the wheels for ultimate bike protection and the low-profile design minimizes hatch interference. Universal mounting hardware fits most roof racks.

Trunk Racks

Quick to install and remove, trunk racks are super handy and fit all sorts of vehicles, from sub-compacts through to sport utilities. They are great for your weekend excursion and will carry up to three bikes when you head to the greenway for a ride.

Our favorite is the Saris Bones. The arc-based design fits over most spoilers and separates bikes on different levels. It fits a wide variety of vehicles and has ruuberized feet to protect your vehicle.

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