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The first step in maintaining a bike is keeping it clean and making sure it's lubricated. We love MUC-OFF lubricants and cleaners. Their Bike Clean Up Bundles makes having your bike looking immaculate a lot easier. If things get a bit out of hand, check out their line of degreasers and Bike Protect products. They offer the ultimate protection against corrosion and squaky noises.

Once your bike is clean, make sure it's properly adjusted and ready to roll. We carry a complete selection of Park Tools, from their durable multi-tools for trailside maintenance, to their pro-level wrenches and chain repair tools. If you want to make your life easy, ask us about workstands from Park Tools. A solid workstand makes cleaning and tuning a whole lot easier.



Visibility equals safety. Whether you are on the road and want to be seen by cars and trucks or you're out on the trail well past sunset. Being seen and able to see will keep you safe and secure.

For the utmost in visibility, we like the new Orion taillights and headlights from Serfas. A quick USB charge and you are out on the road and visible for up to 8 hours. Compact Serfas headlights like the USL-900 make you visible to oncoming traffic and give you a good view of the road when things get dark. And if you are looking to do some late evening mountain biking, check out the Serfas TSL - 2500. With a max brightness of 2500 lumens and run times up to 7 hours you can hit the trail on your schedule and see every root,rock and bump as you roll down the trail.

Bike Computers

Let's face it, most cyclist have a little bit of "type-A" in them. You want to come back from your ride and know how far, how fast and how many feet of elevation. We don't blame you, when we get out on the trail or hit the road and crush it for a couple of hours we want some feedback too!

Depending on your needs and your budget we have computers to track your every moment. We stock Specialized's Speedzone line of computers, wired and wireless. If you want something a bit more sophisticated we offer Garmin and Wahoo bike computers. With these there are no wires, magnets or adjustments. Just strap them on to your bike, turn them on and they record your speed, heart rate, elevation gain, watts, temp and more. Your ultimate training partner!



Take your bike to the next level by upgrading it with new components. We stock everything from Chainrings and cassettes to full carbon cockpits and power meters.

For the ultimate in front-end stiffness and weight reduction ask us about Shimano PRO stems and bars. And when it's time to bump up your training check out a Pioneer power meter. The Pioneer meter pairs easily with any ANT+ bike computer and measures your watts and cadence. Huge selection of Shimano and SRAM components in stock.

Tires, Tubes & Pumps

Want to get the most out of every bike ride? Make sure your tires are inflated to the proper level. We offer a wide variety of pumps from Specialized and Giant. We also have an incredible selection of tire brands!

It's important to make sure you are rolling efficiently and safely. This means checking your tires for wear and embedded debris. Nothing ruins a great ride faster than multiple flats. If you prefer your rides to be off-road then you want to make sure you have the right tire for the trails you ride. Our Service experts will consult with you and get back on the road or trail with the best tires for your riding needs.


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We are a short drive from downtown Atlanta and carry the largest selection of bikes around. On any given day we have over 800 pre-built bicycles in stock and ready to roll out the door.  Come visit us and see why we are known for our price, selection, and legendary service.

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