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Month Flat Week Day
Date: Saturday, May 25, 2019 7:30 am - 11:00 am
Categories: Group Rides

This ride begins from the Northpoint Church parking lot in Alpharetta. Meet in the BLACK Parking lot.

The "A"  group rides the same route each week, which is referred to as the Yellow Creek route.  Roll-out at 8:00am  Average: 21+ mph  Distance: 55 miles This is a strong ride. The pace is fast and the terrain is challenging. There is one regroup point at the top of the Yellow Creek Rd. climb.  

The B Group departs about 5 minutes after the A Group to prevent the two groups from getting mixed up.  There are three routes and they rotate on a weekly basis. 

The Mt. Tabor route provides a designated stop approximately an hour and a half into the ride.  There is a convenience store and facilities for using the bathroom.  This is approximately a 5 minute stop and also allows for slower riders to rejoin the group.  In addition to this designated stop there a coduple of intersections where we stop briefly to allow riders to rejoin the group.  If new to the ride (no problem) it will be apparent where these re-group spots are. 

The Sugar Pike route offers slightly more variety in terrain than the Mt Tabor route.  You should expect more rollers and sustained climbs.  The most memorable will be the climb on Epperson; which although short, is very steep. 

The Yellow Creek route is the same route the A group rides.  There is one long sustained climb, a series of stairsteps and some rollers.  There is a 5 minute stop on Old Federal road after you ascend Yellow Creek Rd. 

Morning Schedule:
• 7:25 AM – Pre-ride safety and course discussion
• 7:30 AM – A group, wheels down
• 7:35 AM – A Minus group, wheels down
• 7:40 AM – B group, wheels down
Summer pacing:
• A – Cat 3 / 22+ (this is a "drop ride" so make sure you know the route)
• A Minus – Targeted average between 20 - 22 mph
• B – Targeted average between 19 – 20 mph

Route details:

Sugar Pike, 57.81 Miles / Total Elevation Change: 3,250 feet
(measured in KM’s for anonymous Strava users)

Yellow Creek, Total Distance: ~60 Miles / Total Elevation Change: 3,225 feet
(measured in KM’s for anonymous Strava users)

Mt. Tabor, Total Distance: 58.47 Miles / Total Elevation Change: 2,995 feet
(measured in KM’s for anonymous Strava users)

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