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2018 Best Bang for the Buck Bikes!


There is something great about owning a bike that matches your skills and ability knowing it won't break down.  It is even better when you don't have to spend a fortune.  Knowing that you can put the bike through its paces without inconveniences and issues brings peace and enjoyment to your ride.  Here are a few bikes we carry that we feel are great deals when it comes to price vs. performance!

All-rounder hard tail - Giant Fathom 1 - $1,480

Looking for a great all-round budget friendly hardtail?  The Giant Fathom may be your bike then.  This particular model, the Fathom 1, comes in either a 27.5 or 29 inch wheel to suit your riding style.  120mm travel from an SR Suntour Axon Fork, thru axle and tubeless tires are great features that make this bike very capable.  Don’t forget the fantastic Shimano SLX group, it is 1 by 11 and provides great range for tough climbs.

Budget Friendly XC Racer - Specialized Chisel Expert - $1,850

Want a race ready hardtail that doesn’t break the bank?  The Specialized Chisel Expert is a package worth looking at.  The 1X SRAM GX drivetrain makes this bike efficient and lightweight while the Rockshox REBA RL fork provides 100mm of smooth and confidence inspiring travel.  Available with BOOST wheel spacing for added stiffness.  It also has that Specialized appeal that makes it so attractive!

Entry level Road bike - Giant Contend 1 - $880

If you are in the market for your first road bike, this is for you!  Giant makes some of the best bikes in the world and this is no exception.  The Shimano Sora 9speed group is flawless and looks the part.  It has a carbon fork and aluminum frame to make sure that this bike feels fast and rides smooth.  Don’t forget, it comes tubeless off the box so ride quality is top notch on this budget friendly roadie.


Dream Road Bike for less - Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 - $3,215

I know, $3,250 does not sound like a bargain but consider how much of a race ready machine this is compared to the ultra high end $9,000 road bikes and it will have you thinking otherwise.  The new Ultegra R8000 is impeccable and the carbon wheels make this bike a climber’s delight.  Did we mention it comes almost under UCI minimum weight limit (15lbs.)?  Yeah, this thing means business on a $10,000 level, at basically $3,000.  This is also the weapon of choice for our Giovanni’s Tile Design Racing team.

More Adventure for less $ – Specialized Crosstrail Sport - $800

Gravel is in right now!  Looking for a budget friendly gravel bike to take you almost anywhere with all your gear included?  The Crosstrail might be the bike for you.  Hydro Disc brakes, BRAIN tuned fork and a sturdy Shimano Alivio rear derailleur will have you going places you haven’t been before.

Crush the Trails, not your wallet – Giant Trance 2 - $2,890

This bike just delivers in every single aspect when it comes to hitting the trails.  It’s a point and shoot device that delivers stability, speed and confidence.  Fox Rhythm 34 fork and Performance Float Shock with 150/140mm of smooth travel? – check.  Trunnion / Maestro rear shock mount for added leverage? – check.  Flawless Shimano SLX 11speed drivetrain? – check… Dropper post and tubeless? Also check!

Crit Race Ready Machine – Specialized Allez Sprint Comp - $1,800

Want a Criterium ready bike off the showroom floor?  This one is it!  Stiffer and more aero than the first generation Venge (a $3,000+ carbon bike) this bike will have you on your toes wanting to go faster in and out of every corner.  Shimano 105 11-speed components are rugged and precise performing like its Ultegra and Dura Ace siblings at a more affordable cost.  Add a set of aero wheels and you won’t want to ride another bike.

Veteran's Adaptive Cycling League

We are proud to support the Veteran's Adaptive Cycling League!

The Veteran’s Adaptive Cycling League will be offered in partnership with Bike Roswell, Catalyst Sports, and Roswell Bicycles and welcomes veterans with physical impairments to experience cycling on the City of Roswell’s extensive trail system twice a week for eight weeks. Grant funds will be used to purchase four adaptive handbikes, as well as specialized hand grips and helmets.

For more information:



Living in the Atlanta suburbs has its ups and downs, literally.  The terrain in Roswell can create a love it or hate it relationship with cyclists.  There are those who weigh next to nothing, natural climbers, and then you have the more vertically challenged rider... the average guy. Here are a few climbs that will leave an impression on you, doesn’t matter if you like them or not.

River Run Climb – 0.7 miles at 8% average gradient, max of 15% Strava Link

This climb is found south of Downtown Roswell, closer to the main square.  It starts from Marietta Hwy. (on an uphill!) and once the real fun starts it feels like you’ve been kicked in the face.   You’ll struggle not to stand up or even go up it.   Once you get to the top of the steepest part at 15% it continues its punishment with a lower grade slope but your exhaustion will make you wish it’d stop.

Old Alabama 2 market Blvd – 0.7 miles at 4% with a max grade of 9% - Strava Link

This one is just deceiving.  Famous for its appearance every year in the GA400 Century, it’s appropriately referred to as the “mother in law”.   It’s a two-part kind of climb.  The first part is a good quarter of a mile with a max grade of 8% then you get a short relief.  Not for long…  Soon afterwards you will encounter the second part, slightly worse than the first.  About 1/3 of a mile long with gradients peaking close to 10% towards the end it feels a lot harder after having done part 1.  

The organizers of the GA 400 Century have made sure you have to do it twice during the 100-mile event in case you weren’t tired after doing 7k ft of climbing for the day.  At the top of this climb there is Sky Zone (trampoline park) or what you could call “heaven”.

Oakhaven Climb in Brookfield Country Club – 0.3 miles at 6% with a max gradient of 17% - Strava Link

This one starts easy and slowly tightens its grip on your heart and lungs.  If it were a movie scene it’d be the part where you are between one of those car-crushing machines and the walls are closing in but suddenly somebody drops a bomb in it when things are starting to get bad.  Yeah that’s the feeling.

Halfway up it throws a stop sign at you at an appropriate 6% grade.  Then what, you’ve lost all momentum and now it’s time to hit those 10% + slopes… survive it and be on your way to Mountain Park, home to some of the most notorious climbs in North Atlanta.

Inverness Climb in Azalea – 0.1 miles at an average of 13%, max grade of 16% - No longer on Strava

Done with your flat ride along the Chattahoochee river?  Want to spice things up a little?  Don’t worry, just keep riding west of Azalea Dr. onto the Inverness neighborhood and you’ll find a burner.

This one is short but more painful than what it sounds.  You either crush it in one intense sprint or be prepared to suffer through an extremely low cadence all the way to the top.  This is the knockout punch, sort of like an uppercut to the chin. 

Want to know a fun fact?  The climb before it is almost as hard so by the time you get to this one you’d be wondering why you decided to keep going.

Martin Rd Killer Hill in Martin’s Landing – 0.4 miles at 8% average grade, peaking at 14% - Strava Link

This one is located in one of Roswell’s most famous neighborhoods, Martin’s Landing.  While this neighborhood has an endless amounts of cruel slopes we will be discussing two, starting with this one.

This one starts hard with a good kick above 10% for a good 0.1 miles.  Once it has you dizzy and begging for mercy it throws you a slow and dreadful 0.3 miles where you’ll be averaging possibly less than 10mph while putting out all the power you have.  Get to the top and be rewarded with a 35mph+ downhill towards the little lake in the neighborhood.

6 Branches Dr. aka THE Martin’s Landing Climb – 0.5 miles at 7% with max gradient of 13% - Strava Link

If there was ONE climb in Roswell this would be it.  Famous for its appearance in the Thursday Night Bike Roswell ride, this is what the A-group (fastest) used to shred those who were “not supposed to be there in the first place”.  Sort of the natural selection for cyclists.

This one starts hard and it ends hard with a little bit of give between both tough points.  It’s lengthy enough that a quick sprint won’t get you out of it any sooner.  The initial kick peaks at 14%.  Stand up and hear your bike beg for mercy… then rolls easy but not too easy.  Lose too much momentum and you’ll find yourself in trouble for part 2.

Part 2 will deliver a blow of 10% plus pain that will have you questioning your love for cycling.  Could you believe there are people who can average 15mph + through the whole climb?

Check the Strava leaderboards around Roswell GA and see how you compare.  Did we forget any tough climbs?  Let us know in our Facebook page and we might feature it in our next episode.

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