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Roswell Bicycles is your E-Bike headquarters. We sell and service the best made E-Bikes in the industry. Roswell Bicycles has been providing legendary service to Atlanta cyclists and families since 1987. We are the shop you can trust to be here for the life of your E-Bike with support and service.


Giant E-Bikes

Giant Road E-Bikes

Everything you love about road riding, with an added boost of pedal power. These cutting-edge road E-bikes help you conquer tough climbs and extend your ride. Now you can ride farther and faster than you ever thought possible with an electric road bike from Giant.

Giant Adventure E-Bikes

Perhaps the greatest thing about an E-bike is how it enables you to extend your adventures. To travel farther and ride longer. These trekking E-bikes offer a smooth, comfortable riding experience on all types of terrain.

Giant Mountain E-Bikes

Climb steep trails, conquer high peaks, and extend your singletrack adventures. Our collection of electric mountain bikes includes everything from XC hardtails to full-suspension fun machines for more technical terrain. Experience it all with one of these E-MTB bikes.

Giant Lifestyle E-Bikes

Momentum E-bikes represent a smart transportation solution that’s way more fun than a train or a bus. Our easy-to-operate electric bikes give you a seamless boost of pedaling power so you can ride farther and faster with less effort.

Pivot E-Bikes

Pivot E-Bikes let you put together new loops that were previously out of reach even for the fittest riders. The Pivot Shuttle redefined electric assist mountain biking.  Sleek, lightweight, capable, beautifully crafted, with the motor and battery seamlessly integrated into its design, the Shuttle ushered in a whole new way of riding.

The Pivot Vault allows you to tame the city streets, glide assertively through gridlock, potholed asphalt dissolving beneath your wheels. Take charge of your destiny, trace that line of gravel arcing over the horizon. This is the e-Vault’s world: a place where investment quality craftsmanship melds with integrated power-assist technology, affording you the agency to take charge of both destination and destiny, to ride farther and faster over more varied terrain than ever before. A world where boundaries fall away and possibilities are limitless.

Pivot Mountain E-Bikes

Pivot Road E-Bikes

Pivot E-Bike

Have Questions About E-Bikes? We Have Answers

E-Bikes provide assistance to your pedaling.  Like your normal bike, you need to pedal, but the bike gives you additional power that helps with hills and riding into the wind.

E-Bikes are super fun!  You can ride farther with less effort.  You can see more and if you have friends who are better cyclists than you, but you want to join them E-Bikes help you out.

E-Bikes are perfect for the road, trails and paths.  Always remember to maintain your speed, especially on greenways where you have walkers, runners and children on bikes.

It all depends on where you live.  Check your local rules for clarification.  Guidelines are changing quickly so keep abreast.

Bikes equipped with Shimano STEPS or the Hydrive system have three levels of assist, and Bosch systems provide four levels of power assist.

General range is 20-100 miles/32-160 kilometers depending on power modes, terrain, and other riding conditions like load or wind.  It all depends on the model you choose.

Approximately 3-5 hours to charge, depending on the state of the battery prior to charge and which charger is being used.

Yes, the mechanical aspect of an E-Bike adds to the weight.  The result is a heavier bike.  In addition, the frame will be sturdier to handle the extra power from the motor.