Custom Bike Fitting

Looking for performance improvements?  Have issues with sore body parts?  Booking a custom bike fit from Roswell Bicycles will help you prevent fit-related injuries and get the most out of the power you put into your ride.  Read below for how we provide a detailed individual bike fit.  If you’re interested, fill out the request form and we will get you scheduled.

Static Measuring Jig

The ‘Static Measuring Jig’ is the foundation of our fit. With just 10 measurements as input, it translates the rider’s body dimensions into bike positions for all kinds of disciplines and preferences. Bikefit has enhanced the static measurement over the last decades, in order to provide reliable data for selling the right bike. Not only will it give you the numbers to build a custom frame, but it also translates those numbers to over 60 brands and 3000 frames to determine and calculate the ideal frame size for you.

Fast, accurate, easy to use, digital

This product was first designed as part of the Position Simulator to measure the XY coordinates, with a laser, of every item on the bike. used this design and created a stand-alone version to be used in combination with the software solution and all other tools.

The XY Position Tool

The XY Position Tool uses highly accurate technology to ensure a millimetre accurate measurement result. It can be used without taking the wheels off and is suitable for any bicycle type. It always uses the centre of the bottom bracket as a starting point. From there it calculates XY coordinates for handlebar, saddle and it can be easily used to track any other position of the bike, for example stack and reach measurements, triathlon handlebar position, brake lever position etc.

Book Your Fit

Bike fittings start from $150. We are unable to perform fittings to bikes with integrated seat posts or internally routed integrated bar & stem.

All Bike fitting must be scheduled in advance.  You can call us at the shot, or complete the form below and we will get in touch with you to schedule your fit session.

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